It is no secret that the tech sector is making huge impacts in everyone’s daily lives and even disrupting and changing the way certain industries do business. The commercial real estate industry and real estate in general is no exception to this trend.

There are a few companies helping to lead the disruption of the CRE industry. Below we will take a look at which companies these are and how they are helping to improve the industry through disruption as well.

1. 42Floors

This commercial real estate search site is trying to do what Zilllow and Trulia have done for the residential real estate industry. 42Floors allows for consumers to search for commercial real estate in certain markets across the country and allows for CRE agents or brokers to post their listings on the site as well.

It also features an education section to help buyers understand how to look for commercial real estate and other aspects of commercial real estate.

2. Floored

As virtual and augmented reality technologies continue to grow and have an impact on multiple industries, many are predicting it will have a large impact on the real estate world as well. Floored offers 3D floor plans that are highly dynamic and allow brokers and agents to have their client imagine being in a space before it is fully complete.

There is even the flexibility to change layouts as you are showing clients the floor plan to see how it can fit their needs. It is a great resource to utilize in marketing a property and helps the client visualize the potential of the property.

3. Reonomy

Data is becoming increasingly more important for businesses as they try to evolve based on what their customer wants or what the market is telling them. In the CRE industry Reonomy is harnessing data that is constantly changing in different markets to help both businesses and consumers understand trends and what is happening in these markets.

Their goal is to make what used to take a lot of work to compile data from many different sources to interpret what is happening in markets into an easier one stop shop for this type of information.

4. Iris VR

As mentioned above, virtual and augmented reality are a big game changer when it comes to getting a client to visualize the potential of a property. Iris VR takes the 3D model one step further by adding a virtual reality component to it. They work with your current 3D model to create a VR model that your client can feel like they are in and see what it will feel like to be in the space when it is completed.

5. RealtyMogul

Crowdfunding is one of the biggest disruptors in commercial real estate because it is giving an opportunity to new investors in the CRE market and providing a new way for developers to finance their projects.

RealtyMogul is one of the top crowdfunding companies that are out there right now and they help to do all the due diligence and match an investor or developer with the right match whether it be funding or an investment.

What CRE tech trends are you excited about as we enter 2017?